Saif is a lion

This morning, at Sheba Medical, Saif had an x-ray which showed a problem with his diaphragm, and it was pressing enough to be treated today; so at 5 pm he went into his procedure. Although it lasted two and a half hours (compared with an open-heart surgery which is at a minimum four hours) his mum said, that the time of waiting feels like years, not hours.

Before he went in, his mother called her family back home and his older brother who is still a child himself, said, “Saif is a lion!” She loved this and relayed it to me, it is a beautiful thing to know there is family back home in Gaza who are waiting in anticipation and hope to hear the results of the surgery. Saif is loved.

At 7:30 he came out and was transferred to his room. Thank you for your prayers for this little one.