Saif is stable

Saif was stable in the secondary ICU today, crying occasionally but quickly calmed with his pacifier and some baby-talk.  He is quite alert and responsive!

Although his respiratory status is stable and he is off of oxygen, mom related that he is vomiting formula when given by bottle.  He is also finishing up a course of antibiotics.

Saif’s mom was cheerful and seemed more rested today.  She was happy with the nurses caring for Saif, and introduced me to one of them — as it turns out, I met this nurse in the 6th floor PICU last week— and I agreed that she is excellent! Compassionate, kind, and careful with the small patients in her care, as well as with the parents. A real blessing!

Please join us in praying for further plans for Saif: that he can get the nutrition he needs to grow; that plans can be made for his needs with a tracheostomy tube; and, that his mother will continue to be encouraged and refreshed despite his long hospitalization.