Saif’s tracheostomy

Please pray for precious Saif.  His mother was crying today as she exited the Sheba Medical Center ICU. Saif had just had a tracheostomy. It was heart-wrenching to see his mom, usually so full of vitality, with tears in her eyes and her voice scarcely above a whisper.

She was sitting in the waiting room with some other Gaza moms. Colin and I decided to go to the grocery store located in the hospital, to bring back some desserts and soda for all of them. Their generosity is always abundant toward us, so while it couldn’t make everything better, it was at least a gesture of respect and support and of returning their kindness.

Sitting together around coke, cookies, and baklava was a really blessed time. Before we left, Saif’s mom thanked us for being her support. We answered that this is why we are here. It is a gift to know her and to stand with her in both the beautiful, joyous moments, and in the discouraging and difficult times.