Salma returns from Gaza

Today, co-worker Sebastian and I picked up a new baby girl named Salma from Gaza. It was very lovely to meet the cute little girl and her mother. We brought them to Sheba Hospital.

Salma’s mother knows a few English words, but not enough to make everything we wanted to communicate clear enough. So what a blessing it is that some of the medical staff at Sheba speak Arabic.

The doctor appointed to speak with Salma’s mother also spoke in Arabic and was able to both ask and answer some questions. This made Salma’s mother understand and be encouraged by the care that would be put in place for little Salma, her beloved baby.

Cute little Salma didn’t like to be checked by medical staff for her examination. We tried to play with her, to sing, and thankfully somehow diverted her. But this beautiful little girl found comfort only in the arms of her mum.

It took time with our appointment. After her Echo-cardiogram, the doctor told us that Salma’s condition is stable enough to have an Intra-cardiac Catheterization. Their plan is to delete the Stent that was applied formerly.

Salma has a room on floor 5 after some long waiting for it. We hope she and her mother will have a blessed rest before the new day. Please pray with us about the Catheterisation for sweet Salma and for the medical staff who will work at improving and restoring her little heart.