Samir’s big surgery day

We got the phone call yesterday, after the sun had set from the first Shabbat holiday of Sukkot, to invite Samir in for surgery. The news sweetened the day, as it also coincided with Samir’s brother’s birthday, which they were sad to be missing.

Moshe and I brought Samir to the hospital last night, where there was already a bed prepared for him, and he was quickly welcomed and admitted. I felt so proud to accompany this beautiful family, and bring them into the hospital. At first, we ran into Gashbin‘s mother who was crying on the phone, so of course, Samir’s mother stopped everything that she was doing to comfort the other. She is so generous and caring, and has a heart to look out for other people.

So, today it was the big day of the surgery. We joined Samir’s mum early in the morning, just after he had been taken into the operating room. She was so composed during the many hours of surgery; occasionally crying, but for the most part, she was cancelling the many phone calls coming her way. She knows how to make the situation less stressful for herself.

We also had the company of some other Syrian Kurds who are visiting with us this week. They are from the same city in Syria as Samir’s mother. We also had the company of another Syrian parent, Rahaf‘s father. They had come for her first assessment, and so together there was a lot to talk about.

After around five hours, we were finally able to see Samir again, out of surgery and into the intensive care unit. His mum asked a nurse to take a photo, and she quickly then sent it to family and friends who were all praying for and thinking of Samir and her. There was a lot of people to send to, so there are a lot of people who have had the pleasure of being blessed with knowing Samir and his mum.

The update from the medical staff is that Samir is doing well, even that they may try to extubate him today. However, he is also attached to a pacemaker, currently externally. Hopefully the electricity of his heart will be able to recover and he won’t require a permanent pacemaker.

Please keep Samir and his family in your prayers, during this critical 24 hours after his surgery.