Samir’s joy…

When Christiane and I walked into Samir’s room, he was highly agitated. His high pitched voice was screeching, but his mum was as calm as ever. It was really disturbing to see Samir, who at the Jaffa base, was quiet, thoughtful, and inquisitive, in a state of restless fits of pain and anger. Our presence only made him more agitated, so we left after a couple of minutes.

A few hours later, Arkan’s dad, who was there for his son’s appointment, wanted to talk with Samir’s mum, so I stayed with him in his room while she went out to talk. We had only a little time together and for the duration of this he was like his old ruminating self. But then a nurse came in and said she was going to transfer him now to the secondary ICU! I went to go get his mum and we followed his bed around the corner.

The change didn’t seem to phase him as he chomped away at a can of pringles, and requested more from his mum. By the time I left, Samir was more of his pre-surgery self. Because we see so many kids go through this process, it is easy to forget, but especially important to remember for the older kids, that this surgery and recovery time is a massive disruption for their bodies and for them personally.

The change to secondary ICU is always something to praise God for. Please continue to pray for Samir, as this time is very difficult for him. We also pray that he’ll lose none of his joy and peace which he had before surgery.