Saving a life

When I visited Eslam today nurses were preparing him to go to a CT scan. Since he was in a bad condition and had to be resuscitated early this morning, they wanted to find out what the cause was. They were suspecting that he might have had a thrombus. While they were preparing everything, he suddenly deteriorated again. Overall his condition was really unstable and at some point it wasn’t clear if he was going to make it.

Once doctors stabilised him as well as possible, they did an echo. The cause for Eslam’s deterioration was probably that the BT shunt which they had placed in yesterday’s surgery was closed. Thank God the surgeons were able to open Eslam’s chest and open it again. His pulmonary blood flow is now restored and his oxygen saturation up again. When I visited him later in the day, he was doing much better and was stable.

During all of this his mother was really terrified and broke out in tears at least once. She was really scared. I’m glad that I was there with her to accompany and encourage her. Many times during the procedure she would walk back into the ICU to check what doctors were doing in her son’s room.

We left the hospital with confidence that Eslam is in God’s hands along with the continuous care of skilled doctors and nurses at Sheba Hospital who were instrumental today in saving Eslam’s life, having found the cause for his deterioration. Please continue to pray for his recovery and his very worried mother.