Saving Ahmed despite coronavirus fears

Ahmed was born with transposition of the great arteries, a congenital heart defect which must be repaired within the first two months of life in order to allow a child to live, grow and have a normal life. But he was also born into the height of the coronavirus lockdown, which threw into doubt whether he’d be able to leave Gaza in time for the life-saving surgery which is available across the border in Israel.

Thank God, our partners at the Sheba Medical Center cared about this little one, even though they are under great strain as the main center for managing the coronavirus in Israel. They’re doing everything possible to keep the virus out of the children’s hospital, so asked for Ahmed and his aunt to undergo corona tests both in Gaza and also immediately on arrival at Sheba last night. In both cases the results were negative, and Ahmed was admitted early this morning to the children’s hospital where he is now in isolation awaiting his surgery.