Saving Asmaa’s mitral valve

Beautiful Asmaa had her second surgery today; her doctors wanted to try to repair her mitral valve if at all possible rather than putting in an artificial one. Initially one of the surgeons said this would be very difficult and it might not be possible, but they were in fact able to do the repair tonight! This is significant, since a child with an artificial valve will need lifelong medications, blood tests, and multiple further surgeries.

Please pray that her would heart will adjust well to the surgery, and no more interventions will be needed. This time was very hard for her grandmother, who is so kind and gentle. She loves Asmaa so much and is very devoted to her. They’ve been at the hospital for a while, and we miss their presence back at the Jaffa base!

For the first time in over a week I saw Asmaa yesterday, and her sense of humor and smile melt my heart. I remember her first appointment and how she was very stoic and not talking to anyone who wasn’t her grandma; now seeing this girl light up when she sees us and playing games with her out in the hallway is the best thing to do at the hospital.

May God continue to grow and guide Asmaa. We thank Him for the wonderful news of the surgery, and pray for a fast recovery.