“Schlingel” at Sheba

Our little “Schlingel” (german for rascal) San visited Sheba hospital the first time today. For an echo, blood test, X-ray and a ECG to evaluate his condition before coming up with a surgical plan. Energetic San had us on our toes all day while exploring Sheba. He was curious about every child he saw while waiting and wanted to make new friends. Even though he knows I don’t understand Kurdish, he tried to explain everything to me and we had a really fun time together.

Throughout the tests, San was so patient and didn’t even cry at the blood test which was a big surprise to the nurses there. San has a VSD, a hole between the lower chambers in his heart. The doctors don’t know yet if the just want to do a cath or also a surgery.

Keep San in your prayers so that he can stay as happy and adventurous as he is right now. Pray for his mother and their time here apart from their family.