Little Jude was having his diaper changed when we entered his ICU room at Hadassah Hospital this afternoon. He has lost much, much weight. His eyes were wide open, and it seemed he was searching into the souls of those he glanced upon and was studying them. Or maybe he was searching for someone to release him from the network of wires, feeding tubes, beeping machines and harsh lights of the ICU.

His mother propped Jude up so he could look around himself. She handed him a few toys which he was able to grab and look at for a moment.

Jude is stable, and things seem well enough, but not so. He’s still needing a new heart, literally a heart-transplant. Nothing else will answer his problems according to the doctors at Hadassah. And little hearts ready for transplanting are extremely few if available at all. His prospects are slim without a miracle from God.  So your prayers are deeply appreciated for this little person. We’re praying for his healing.