Searching for a solution

Fayez and his mom returned to Sheba hospital today for his monthly check up with his cardiologist. The first thing I noticed was the IV in his foot. “He’s been in the hospital for three days in Gaza,” his mom explained sadly. “He’s not so good.”

Fayez’s echo showed that while his damaged valve is functioning very slightly better, his heart has not improved since his last echo. Additionally, his cardiologist was disappointed to report that after reviewing Fayez’s case, the head surgeon decided he is not a candidate for valve repair surgery at this point due to his current condition.

Disappointing news notwithstanding, Fayez was in quite a good mood today. He was very proud to carry around a two-shekel coin in his fist all day, and refused to even show it to me for a photo. He and his mom were both happy to see former coworker Amelie, who is back for a visit, on the way home to Gaza at the end of the day.

For now, Fayez will continue with his medications and his monthly check ups. Please be in prayer for him, his family, and the doctors as they navigate this difficult situation.