Searching for answers

For the last few weeks, Kenan has been struggling at home in Gaza. He’s been having episodes of bradycardia (severely lowered heart rate) with irregular breathing and oxygen desaturation, and spent a few days in the hospital in Gaza. His doctor there recommended┬áthat he come for a check-up and maybe even a catheterization at Sheba, so one of the cardiologists in the clinic agreed to fit him into her busy schedule today.

The good news from today’s echo is that Kenan’s heart is actually doing very well. The doctor and echo technicians looked carefully to see if they could find anything wrong, but everything looks good.

Given this and Kenan’s list of symptoms, his cardiologist suspects that his current problems may be caused by a neurological issue. Kenan has already been taking medications to treat seizures for quite some time now, and it seems to be time for another check-up with the neurologist. The doctor and cardiac secretary worked hard for over an hour to arrange an appointment for this Wednesday. Until then, Kenan and his mom are staying at our house in Ashdod. Please pray that his appointment with the neurologist will bring some answers.