Second Appointment

Today we took the beautiful Rimas with her lovely mother to her second appointment with the cardiologist. She did not enjoy her trip in the car; she was crying all the way to the hospital. She is not used to being in a car seat so we tried games, songs, and many other things but the only one that could calm her down a little bit was her beautiful mom.

In the hospital they performed an ECG, an echo, and checked oxygen saturation, but in the beginning it was very difficult to calm her. She kept crying but the nurse gave us a bubble game, and I started playing with her to distract her. We also played a little video and she calmed down a bit more. While we waited for the doctor’s report she enjoyed coloring some pictures and running around the play area with Magda. Then the hospital music therapist took her to the music room where she played the piano.

Finally the doctor checked her and told us that in a week she will have another check-up and will be admitted for a catheterization and neurological evaluation. This will help them decide the next plan regarding her expected surgery. Please pray for this beautiful girl; for physical strength before each one of the procedures that are going to happen, and for strength and peace for her mother in everything that comes.