See each other again in two week’s time

Today our lovely “Schlingel” and his mother where discharged from Sheba Hospital. Mohaned’s condition is well enough for now for both or them to return to Gaza.

As you can see in the picture above, Mohaned was very happy about that. Well, the cheeky boy is almost happy all the time. We love to visit Mohaned because he brings a lot of joy to us.

Co-worker Georgia and I brought them back to the Erez border crossing. We had a nice drive together and enjoyed talking to each other on our way. Mohaned and his mother, who is always taking loving care of her beloved son, are like family for us.

So for now, they are reunited with theirĀ  family in Gaza, but as Mohaned is supposed to have follow-up cardiac appointments, and he has to see the pulmonologist in two months, we will see them again. Even though we’ll miss them during that time, we are very happy for them to be back home and are looking forward to seeing them again in two months.

Your prayers for little Mohaned are much appreciated.