See you again

Today, coworker Lilly and I picked up Mohammed and his mother from the Erez Crossing point. Together we drove to the Sheba Medical Center for Moammed’s echo appointment.

I went together with them first to the ECG and they measured also his oxygen level, which was very good. Afterwards, we had to wait a long time, because the whole echo area was full with children also waiting for their appointment.  Finally, we were called into the echo room.

The doctor said that Moammed’s heart looked good so far, but Mohammed was complaining that he feels very weak, if he has to stand up for example. So they can’t find a reason for that from what they see on the echo. That’s the reason why he is coming back in one month to do a stress/exercise test to find maybe the reason and to see how the lungs and the heart are working together. Added to that, he has some neurological problems. A Neurologist wants to check Mohammed also in around one month. So we are going to see him soon again. We brought them back to Gaza.

Thank you for prayers over Mohammed and his family.