See you again in a month

You can’t even see tiny little Sameer properly in the picture as he is so small and wrapped in a big blanket. We where jokingly saying to his lovely mother, “Where is Sameer?” as she put him in his stroller when we were leaving Sheba hospital.

Sameer’s mother was in a really good mood today as she could go home with her beloved son. He has recovered well enough to go home to see his family. We will miss them in the time that they are at home but of course we are thankful to God for this great outcome and we will receive them again in one month, as Sameer has to come back for follow-up care.

We enjoyed the time with Sameer’s mother in the car and our tiny boy was sleeping for almost the whole time. Please pray for them to have a nice month at home with their family and that Sameer remains in a good condition.