See you in a few weeks

By God’s grace we found a steady way to supply Fatima with her medication. Every medicine for every child is important, but in Fatima’s case, it is very much keeping her alive, so the weight of preparing it or teaching the mother how to do so, was a serious responsibility. Thank God Fatima did not have any episodes while staying in Jaffa, and please pray that this will continue to be the case once she is back home.

She was discharged today from Sheba hospital and returned to Gaza after a good ECG and being given another supply of her medication. She is due to return in a couple of weeks; every visit from now on will be time-sensitive, because Fatima must return before her current supply of medication runs out. Please be praying that there will be a way made for her to come across the Gaza border without any problems in the perfect timing to receive her next supply of medicines.

Everyone loves Fatima; she and her mother were an honor to have in our house. Initially shy at first, Fatima has opened up, much to coworker Bria’s credit. She is eager to play with the other staff and children her age now.

Even staff at the hospital came today to say farewell to her. Please keep this precious girl in your prayers.