See you next year cute Omar

The cute boy Omar had to come to Sheba Medical Center hospital in order to see the pulmonologist, who would determine if he has PCD in his lungs or airways. Omar had a CT scan done in September, which shows that there are no signs of PCD.

He needs to be seen again by the pulmonologist in six months. But we will see this cute boy and his lovely mother before that, as he needs to have his Fontan surgery soon.

He had to come back as well to check if he needs to have the surgery now or if he can wait until next year. The doctors decided that he can wait until next year, which isn’t that long anymore.

So today co-worker Alena and I brought them back to the Erez Border Crossing to be reunited with their family in Gaza again. Please pray that Omar remains in a good condition before he comes back in the next year for his surgery.