See you soon

This morning we picked up our good friend Sundis and her mom at Erez Border Crossing and drove with them to Sheba Hospital.

There Sundis had her first and echo and then a pacemaker check-up. Her pacemaker is working perfectly, they just changed some settings as she is growing and getting older.

In the echo, they saw that her heart is doing okay for now. She has some problems with her valves and the doctors need to watch how those problems develop, because she’ll probably need a surgery to replace one or two valves at some point.

Sundis will return to Sheba for an echo in another three months, but in two weeks she returns for a gastroenterology procedure.

In all the waiting time we had fun together with Sundis. She is a little rascal and likes to stir up some mischief. Thanks for praying for our friend and her family!