Seldom seen

I have seldom seen such a huge change as in our sweet little boy Yaman after his emergency surgery in Hadassah Hospital 11 days ago. It’s such a blessing to have him and his mother here in our community home, and not only the boy seems to be going through a change, but also his wonderful mother.

He’s joyfully laughing when he gets the attention from people around him, while making funny sounds. He loves when I tickle him, and when I roar like a lion, and his mother’s eyes are gleaming of love, peace and joy while watching her little toddler become stronger each day.

One morning I saw the most beautiful expression of the love between the mother and her son while she gently helpt him sit on the swing, and a verse from the Bible came to mind:  “Oh death, where is your victory? Oh death, where is your sting?”

This little precious boy was so close to death and now he is filled with life. In my eyes this is a miracle, and I praise God that I’m here, able to see it.