Send someone

Written by Ben and Kerstin:

Early this morning we made our way to Sheba Hospital to keep Eva’s mother company as Eva went into a catheterization to gather more information as to why her oxygen saturation remains so low and to expand a blood vessel with a balloon if her body would tolerate it. As our heads were bowed in prayer while the doctors were preparing Eva for her procedure, I happened to look up and see the most welcome sight — coworker Andrea had arrived just in time from Switzerland, having been led by the Lord to support her friend in her time of need.

Eva’s mom and Andrea embraced for a long time and the tears flowed. We returned to a small waiting room to pass our time and not one hour later, coworker Bethany arrived directly from the airport, having flown for over ten hours from the states, wanting to be near Eva and her mother in this time.

Eva’s mother shared that she had prayed two days before, asking God to send her someone because she didn’t know how to face this alone, and here were two of her dearest friends, arriving just in time, answers to her prayer. 

After four hours, the doctor came to tell us all that the catheterization was successful. They were able to close an area that was allowing blood to flow the wrong way and to balloon her vessel. Currently, her oxygen saturation is still as low as it was previously, but they will wait a couple days to see if the changes will have a positive effect. If not, she will likely need another surgery. Praise God that He has sustained both Eva and her mother. Please join us in our continued prayers that He would bring healing.