Sent to the ER

Today was a long day for beautiful Jori. Actually we just wanted to do an echo with her at Sheba Hospital, but after twoechos, an ECG and checking some x-rays, Jori was sent to the ER.

The doctors in the cardiology found she didn’t really feel well. So we did an x-ray in the ER and after some more waiting, had a long talk with the doctor who said she thinks Jori had an infection and still has some symptoms remaining from this infection.

However, Jori’s father insisted there is still something wrong and it’s not just remains from an infection. That’s why Jori and her father are staying in the hospital for observation for now. We can’t do anything but wait and pray for wisdom for the doctors and patience for sweet Jori and her father. Heavenly father, please take care of this wonderful little girl!