Settling into the waiting

Since all the yesterday’s events, and being full of new information about Salwa’s condition, and bearing an awareness of the machines, Salwa’s mother has been coming to terms with the situation she is finding herself in. Not much happened today;  the nurse said today was “without drama.”

The doctor told us that she is in the same condition as yesterday. She had an ultrasound of her brain (they tell us that she will need to have one every day), which showed no change or bleeding or incident to her brain, thank God. As Salwa is still with her chest open, the mother is not able to spend so much time with Salwa in the room.

Salwa’s mother asked whether she could return to the Jaffa community house to rest, leaving Salwa at the hospital. I’m sure it is a blessing to her to have so many lovely and caring friends around her, to make the waiting situation as easy as possible.  I hope returning to our home for the night  allows her to feel somewhat comfortable in this distressing time of waiting.

Please continue to pray for lovely Salwa.