Tearful goodbyes

Shadi had a difficult weekend, holding onto life with the full support of the ECMO, and many medications at high doses. It was a blessing to spend time with his beautiful mother, and to stand by her as she steadily took in all the information she received about Shadi’s declining condition.

She kissed his head and feet and hands over and over again, and she loved him, and prayed for his every minute. I think it is the instruction of Jesus to watch and wait and pray in these difficult times, when we are choosing not our own will, but His.

Today, Shadi’s mother watched as the doctors assessed and discussed and concluded that Shadi’s heart was no longer working. She watched as the machines were switched off and the numbers on the monitors fell to nothing, and Shadi died.

Shadi was very well loved by everyone who met and knew him; as was his dear mother. Many of the hospital staff said lengthy tearful goodbyes as she hugged them all, thanking them for their help and devotion to Shadi.

Please continue to pray for his family in this time. Shadi’s mother is being comforted by the other Kurdish families who have become like her own siblings during the stay here. She would like to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem tomorrow to pray, before returning home to her husband later in the week.