Shahad has her Echo!

Shahad our beautiful and happy girl had an early start this morning. She was excited to go to the hospital. We left at 8:30 together with our visiting friends, Grant and Kathy, to Sheba hospital in Tel Aviv. Grant and Kathy stayed with us for two days and it was a blessing that they could drive us to Sheba. The journey to the hospital went very smoothly, we even arrived before Shahad’s appointment time. When we entered the echo departement, Shahad was invited to join a happy event:


Today was a special day because it was the Day of the Olive. This day is been celebrated by the Druze community. They showed Shahad how to make olive oil and the products they make from olive like soap. Shahad enjoyed it and found it interesting. It’s amazing what they are organising in that hospital.


After some time they called Shahad for her echo. She did really well and also the ECG was done with a big smile on her face. Shahad has an irregular heartbeat. She will need an ablation. Ablation is a procedure that uses radiofrequency energy (similar to microwave heat) to destroy a small area of heart tissue that is causing rapid and irregular heartbeats. Because the cath is not scheduled yet, Shahad and her Aunt came back to our Jerusalem guesthouse. We are very happy to have her with us but we also hope and pray that soon they will be able to perform the catheterisation.