Shakar reaches Israel in race against clock

Ten-month old Shakar reached Israel’s Ben Gurion airport safely today, and will have his first evaluation tomorrow at the Sheba Medical Center. Like many children with Down syndrome, he has the heart condition called “complete AV canal.” The ideal age for corrective surgery is six months, so we will pray that there is still time for doctors in Israel to help heal his heart.

Diana was on hand at the airport and adds:

Every time I go to the airport I have a lot of questions in my mind: how was their flight? Are they stable? How is the condition of the babies and their guardians?. But the best thing I can do is pray that everything is going to be fine! Julio and I were very early in the morning at the airport to pick up two new beautiful families from Kurdistan. We had to wait for them around an hour and half. Praise to the Lord they arrived safely. One of them is our sweet Shakar, he is so so little, he is 11 months old. Mom was very insecure that we were the real people waiting for them, but praise to the Lord Julio was able to speak with them in their own language. I checked them before leaving the airport, praise the lord Shakar was stable so we went home and the next day he is going to have his first echo assessment in Sheba hospital. Please keep this beautiful family inĀ  your prayers, that they will have a good time with us.