She captivates your heart

Ghada was receiving physiotherapy when I visited her today at Sheba Medical Center. Last week she had her second eye surgery, so this was the first time since both operations that I’ve seen this beautiful girl.

It was late morning and the physio was just ending. Prior to the therapy, she had a small blood test and prior to that, an echo. She was eager to sleep after a hectic morning.

Like so many time I’ve seen before, her mother wrapped her up and cradled her until she fell asleep.  She and I sat together and I admired her crib filled with stuffed animals. The love and creativity of her mom shines through in each detail of their lives, not least in how each month she celebrates Ghada with pictures. She turned three months and her mom sent me the photos, which absolutely captivate your heart.

Please continue to pray for this precious family, and for Ghada as she receives treatment; she is not yet well enough for discharge, so we ask God to bring growth and strength to her body.