She found extraordinary healing

Today at Sheba hospital was the much anticipated echo-cardiogram for Dina. In the words of her cardiologist, Dina is a miracle after surviving a deadly heart infection which ruptured her aorta. But today, the doctor said that this is the best condition she has seen Dina in so far, and since she will not need another surgery for the near future or possibly ever, her treatment here is done.

Her mother was very appreciative of all the work accomplished on her daughter’s behalf, and she understands how miraculous it is her daughter is still alive. It has not been easy, but today was joyful as Dina’s condition has improved over these months and can now go back to Kurdistan where she will report to a local hospital as the doctors at Sheba recommended.

Please be praying for Dina, she was very sick to begin with, but a complication that occurred after her third surgery was the onset of small seizures, which she is on medication for. She will be flying back to Kurdistan with Nate and Colin as medical escorts.

As the day wrapped up, some of the Sheba clowns came with a portable Sukkah on wheels and some party music to help celebrate Sukkot, the week long biblical holiday which is also known as the Festival of Booths. It was a lot of fun taking pictures with everyone and a nice note to end Dina’s last trip to Sheba hospital on, the place where she found extraordinary healing.