She is pink!

Two phrases could define how Shan is now. One is from Shan’s mom: “She is pink and now I realized how beautiful my daughter is, before I only focused on her bluish face.”

The other statement is from the doctor: “She is doing amazing, she’s growing more than we expected.”

Shan had been given a little oxygen support the last few days, but today they stopped it because she doesn’t need it anymore and as you can see. Shan has been growing and gaining weight. The doctor is very happy with her improvement and her mom also.

Shan’s mom is surprised how much her appetite has increased, and the good naptimes she is having; Shan’s continued good recovery and progress is the reason they are considering discharging her on Sunday.

Shan’s doctor is just an amazing person, she is personally going to Shan’s room so often and is talking with Shan and expressing her feelings about Shan’s welfare and how much effort everyone is putting in so Shan can be okay; the doctor also took time to talk with Shan’s mother. She told me that Shan’s mom speaks Arabic and some English, so they are able to communicate with each other.

I truly think the passion and love this doctor gives to others is a gift of God, she’s huge a blessing for the patients and for us. Praise God for those people He puts in our path. As the doctor says, “Look how many people love you and want you to be okay.“