She is recovering well

It was so good to see Aya today in the secondary ICU. You need only look at her to see that she is recovering well.  She enjoyed seeing co-worker Georgia today. I showed her videos and pictures of our community dog, Shevie, whom she loves, and told her that Shevie was waiting for her to come back.

For me, the best part of visiting Aya was seeing that she is once again her pre-operation self; the same spark in her personality is still there. I’m so happy for this because the experience of open-heart surgery is often a traumatic one for older children, and they all respond differently after it. This doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been extremely difficult for them both.

Please pray this week, that they would be able to come back to Jaffa community home again to help soothe their hearts and minds.

We love this sweet girl, and look forward to having her back with us soon.