Shevie greets Saif

When Saif and his mum arrived at Sheba Hospital, I opened their van door, co-worker Sabrina drove the van to the front of the hospital and was surprised to see me there. As Saif’s mum exited the van, we embraced and exchanged greetings.

I was thrilled to see Saif all decked out in his winter clothes. Today he had two appointments, one for an echo, and one for a neurology check-up. His heart is looking well and he will return in two months for another check-up. He is staying the night in our Jaffa community house, and will go to an ENT doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, that doctor will determine if and when they can remove his tracheostomy.

When Saif and his mum came to Jaffa, there was another surprise waiting for them: “Shevie,” our community dog!

Please continue to pray for this sweet boy as he grows and especially for the resolving of the situation with his tracheostomy.