Shifaa’s first Catheterization

Colin‘s and my day started very early because we wanted to be with Shifaa’s mother while Shifaa had her first cath.

As we entered the secondary ICU I could hear Shifaa’s crying voice. She was very upset and her mother tried to calm her down. We all stood around her bed and sang her favorite song. Shifaa’s mum was washing Shifaa  as the nurse came to say it’s time for her cath.

“In mum‘s arms, I am safe,“ that could have been one of Shifaa’s thoughts as her mum brought her into the area where the cath would be performed. Colin and I accompanied them. Shifaa became agitated while her mum was signing some papers, but Colin managed to calm Shifaa down; it was so lovely to see! The whole situation was so pleasant, Shifaa’s mum decided she wanted a picture to capture the moment and it turned out beautifully.

Shifaa’s mum is very strong and didn’t really seem scared, rather calm. Our waiting time was more a meeting with her whole family, for we had plenty of phone calls with them. Little Shifaa has two beautiful brothers and a very kind father who was happy to see all of us sitting together.

After three hours the cath was over and they brought Shifaa back into her room. On the way her oxygen dropped dangerously low. The doctors decided to give her oxygen and even thought about intubating her. Due to that, Shifaa’s mum was very anxious. I stood next to her, she grabbed my hand, and together we watched Shifaa carefully just as the doctors did. After a while Shifaa’s doctors and nurses came by, one by one, to look after her, and were happy that her oxygen was improving. Only in the moments when she cries a lot, her oxygen drops again. But praise be to God that He gave such a strong mum to Shifaa, a mum who stands beside Shifaa’s bedside, who comforts and talks affectionately to her little girl. The relationship between a mother and her child is something very special. I‘m so lucky to be a part of these lovely moments.

I am also very happy for this amazing staff at Sheba. They were and are all so loving and caring. God bless them for everything they do for our beautiful children.

Praise be to God who never leaves our side. He is always with us, and wants to help us when we are getting through hard times, just like Shifaa’s mum was with her baby girl today. Please join me in praying for Shifaa. Her oxygen levels can still be very low and she needs rest as does her mum. Sometimes these situations are very difficult to cope with. Please continue to pray for peace, rest  and that Shifaa’s mum and also Shifaa herself, may feel God’s overwhelming love and His guidance.