Shiny little girl

This morning our little Tala came to Hadassah Ein Kerem for her Echo follow up appointment. She wore a really shiny suit which looked really cute on her, also it was a little bit too big. It suited her really well, for she is also a very shiny little girl who loves to smile!

At first we had some fun waiting-time in front of the Echo room. Tala stuck her tongue out again and again and so her grandmother was pushing it back inside again and again. It was nice to see them play their little game and Tala didn’t get tired of it. After some time we could finally make the Echo which took longer than expected. Tala was very hungry and was crying all the time, but in the end she fell asleep so it was a lot easier for her doctor.

After he was done with the Echo and also got all her vitals, he was talking to another cardiologist. He explained to us that Tala’s aorta is getting narrow again. He will have a meeting with a third cardiologist and they will prepare a treatment plan for her. So we will see Tala probably in less than a month.

After everything was done, we could head out of Hadassah and Hala and her grandmother were driven back home to Gaza by our coworkers Luisa and Dr Hison. Let’s give thanks to the Lord for this beautiful and happy girl. Her grandmother is taking good care of her and they have a great bond! Please also pray for Tala, that the narrowing in her Aorta is not too much of a problem for her. Let’s also ask the Lord our God for strength and wisdom for the doctors to make the perfect treatment plan for Tala!