Shireen is smiling and moved from ICU

It was a surprise for co-worker Carina and I to find our beautiful Shireen and her lovely mother moved to the fourth floor when we went to Sheba Medical Center today. We planned to visit some of our other little Shevet children in hospital, when suddenly her mother came out of their room  nearby us, and told us that one of us should come with her to visit where Shireen was now. Carina and Shireen’s mother went up to the ICU to collect their bags and brought them down to the fourth floor into their new room.

During the time that I waited for them to return, I spent a lovely time with beautiful Shireen and played with her with some dolls that one of the nurses had given to her. We enjoyed our time together. She loves it when you play together with her and her dolls. She gave me her beautiful smile.

Glory to God that she was moved from the ICU to the fourth floor just one day after her teeth extractions. Apart from having to eat her food with a spoon because otherwise it will hurt her tooth, she’s doing very well. The whole time that co-worker Carina and I visited her, she was without any oxygen and her values where stable PTL.