Short stay in the hospital

Yesterday, San developed some pain in his neck and shoulders and a little bit in his chest. After checking with the cardiologists at Sheba Hospital, we decided in the afternoon to bring San to the ER to get him checked. It was only seven days after his open heart surgery, so we wanted to be safe.

Doctors at Sheba did a blood test and an x-ray. Even though everything looked good, they decided to admit him so they can watch him for a while. San didn’t mind the waiting time and played happily with one of the hospital clowns and his bubbles.

After long waiting hours, San and his mom were able to go to their room in the pediatric ward. When I arrived there this morning, I found them in the echo area. San had just seen his cardiologist who said San’s heart looks okay right now. One of his valves is leaking a little bit and the doctor doesn’t know yet if it will get better once his heart has adjusted to the closed hole, or if it is a different problem and San will need surgery for it. He would like to see San again in a month but also understands if his mom wants to get the follow-up echo in Kurdistan, so he left the decision up to her.

San was discharged to our house in Ashdod again this evening and we are glad that there was no serious problem with his heart. Please pray for wisdom in all decisions and especially for his mom. This situation is everything but easy for her.