Silent cries

Little Majed was crying when we entered his ICU room in Hadassah Hospital this afternoon. Frantically looking anywhere with his eyes, fiercely crying, but without ability to make any sound whatsoever. He was struggling, his arms and legs flailing, as three nurses were attempting to clean his airways, his bedding, and change his diaper, all at the same time.

It’s possible he was having a seizure while they were working over him, but the attending doctor wasn’t able to confirm that. She said she has already re-intubated little Majed at least five times. Each time they attempt extubation, it doesn’t last. She explained they want to do a CT of his throat as they suspect the problem is there, that he has some stenosis of the airways.  But they cannot keep him extubated long enough to get him to the CT department. And the cycle continues.

They sedated Majed while we were there. The affect was almost instant. Suddenly his eyes were closed and he was very still.

I thank God for modern medicine and the machinery that keeps this baby alive, but Majed needs to be held in his mother’s arms, he needs to nurse, be sung to, rocked to sleep, to see his family members, to grow and smile and cry so that he hears himself. May it be so God, please bring this small person to a place of healing. Amen.