Sitting down

Today, when I went to Hadassah Hospital to visit Mohammed in his room, I was surprised to find him already sitting in a chair beside his hospital bed. His mother was doing a video call with her brother on the phone, and Mohammed asked to talk as well. He managed to croak out a few words, but he is still very tired. He also has some pain, as his chest drain tube is still in place and it hurts him when he moves.

The doctors are very pleased with the progress he is making, though they still stress that it is important to take it very slowly after a huge surgery like this. I went to one doctor and asked,

“How is Mohammed? I see he’s sitting up now?”

The doctor smiled and answered, “Well, he’s sitting down now – but he is recovering very well.”

It’s just wonderful to see how well he is doing. He and his mother also seem to be getting a bit more used to the hospital environment, and Mohammed’s mom even helped to welcome another Kurdish family to the ICU today. Praise God!

Please pray for Mohammed’s continued recovery and for an easing of his discomfort.