Sitting together

written by Helen

Upon reflection of the hospital day, Helen wrote, “Halbast had just been extubated and his mum was very excited when we went to his room. The doctors showed her how to hold him down in case he started to move excessively. We sat there quietly watching the wee fellow. The doctors asked me to sit with Halbast.

Helen sat with Halbast for a while, and sat there simply smiling at this beautiful child. She sat there holding his little hand. Halbast’s mother exclaimed how Halbast’s little fingers and toes were no longer blue. We praise God for his improvement, and the ability to be extubated only one day after his major surgery.

Please continue to pray for Halbast as he still requires additional oxygen support, but he is making large steps towards improvement. Please pray for his sweet mother, who is like a sister to many of us at Shevet Achim.