Situation ‘not good’

Coworker Berith and I went to Hadassah Hospital today and found little Majed in his ICU bed with fairly labored breathing although he remained extubated.  An attending nurse said Majed’s situation is not good.

He continues to have bouts of lower oxygen saturation and troubled breathing even with the high-flow oxygen via cannula support.

While we were visiting him, Majed’s breathing was so labored, the nurses placed a ventilator to ease his breathing and give him some relief. She said it is something they try to use before the last straw which is to re-intubate him, but this they want to put off as long as possible.

Majed’s faithful grandmother is taking some time off from her vigil at Hadassah Hospital and will be relieved by Majed’s very own mother who will arrive in a few days. Paper work and time must have their way before such a swap can be implemented.