Six hours exploring Lia’s heart

When I arrived in the hospital today Lia was already gone for her catheterization to explore the anatomy of her heart. Grandma was sitting outside her room talking to another Arabic mother. The waiting was difficult for grandma. She can’t speak English so we communicated via Google translate. At the moment Michelle is teaching us some basic Arabic, so I tried a few words with her. After almost six hours Leah was brought back to the ICU.

The cath was successful without any complications. The doctor said as it looks now they will do a major surgery, the Glenn procedure, this coming Thursday, immediately after the Yom Kippur holiday. With this operation they will add the vein of the upper part of the body direct to the pulmonary artery and therefore bypass the heart. This to take away the big pressure on the right part of the heart.

Please pray that the operation will be successful and that the family in Gaza will receive God’s peace in this all. It’s very hard on the parents not to be able to be with their precious child at such a critical time.