Six year old Yazen

Co-worders Claudia, Yousef, and I drove to Erez this morning to pick up six year old Yazen. The car ride was quiet, as he fell asleep early on. When I turned around to see them, his head was leaning against his mother’s shoulder. I was praying as I looked at his peaceful countenance, that God would lead us in how to interact with him.

I had packed markers, stickers and a coloring book, because I remembered that being his age, and waiting at doctors offices could be extremely boring. When we got to Sheba, Kurdish Marya had just finished her echo and was interested in the things we had brought too! Yazen seemed to really enjoy coloring in the book. He colored a lamb with at least five different colored markers!

The stickers were also fun! As he went in for his echo, I put a green sticker on the tip of his nose, and one on mine. From there, he only enumerated the stickers during the appointment. He had already had two surgeries, and the doctor said that he would be discussed at the conference of cardiologists to decide if he needs a CT scan or catheterization! We’ll see this cutie again in three months for another appointment! And we’ll make sure to bring the stickers for him!