Sleeping peacefully

When I saw Malak yesterday at Sheba Hospital, she was having a fever and her oxygen levels weren’t stable. To our surprise today however, she was much better. Coworker Luisa and I went into Malak’s hospital room and saw how happy her mother was to show us how well Malak is doing today. She told us that Malak slept for over seven hours last night and that her oxygen levels are now stable. Even the fever is gone so she’s doing very good. Malak will need a catheterisation in a week so her mother was kind of worried that this will delay their return to their family in Gaza.

Over all, cute Malak was doing much better and looked so peaceful while she was sleeping.

Let us praise the Lord for Malak’s recovery from her fever and for the stable oxygen levels today, both answers to prayer. We want to pray for the catheterisation next week, for the doctors and for Malak’s mother who takes such good care of her.