Sleepless mother on surgery eve

Rovar’s mother shared how she was unable to sleep last night because her heart was pounding in anticipation of the surgery tomorrow. However Rovar seems to enjoy his time in the hospital and loses no sleep over his upcoming surgery. When we first walked into the hospital building today, he eagerly pressed the elevator button and was excited to return to the pediatric surgery department.

Rovar also enjoyed exploring the hospital with his friend a fellow Kurdish patient Gashbin:

Rovar was admitted into the hospital for his indirect revascularization surgery tomorrow at 7 am. His blood test results also confirmed Rovar’s original diagnosis of beta-thalassemia and Moyamoya disease.

Please pray for Rovar as he has a major surgery tomorrow. Please pray for peace for his whole family. We trust that God has Rovar in his hands, and that he deeply cares for Rovar. We pray that his family will trust in God in all circumstances.