Sleepy boy

The day started early for little Mohammed, as he had to fast since three o’clock in the morning because of his CT scan scheduled for later the same day. Therefore he was very hungry, and wasn’t sleeping almost the whole night. Of course by extension, this caused his mother to also suffer some sleep loss.

Happily, when we brought Mohammed in for his CT scan, he was scanned very quickly without much wait. I dropped Georgia and the wee one at the CT scan area, went to park the car, and when I came back he was already inside. That was one of the quickest CT scans ever. Normally, there’s more waiting.

The whole CT scan went well.  When they finished, they brought us to a room where we could wait for Mohammed to wake up after his sedation which was needed for his CT scan. It took him around an hour to awaken.

Waking him was a bit of a challenge, but when he was properly awake, he ate a bit of his milk which was important for the doctor to see before he thought it’s appropriate to let us go. Shortly after that, he fell asleep again but with his eyes open. The doctor was a bit surprised about that but the mother assured him that little Mohammed frequently sleeps like that, so after hearing this, the doc decided it was safe to let us go.  So we left and Mohammed is doing well now after his CT scan.

Please continue to pray for this little boy, that he may have his surgery soon, for patience for his mother  and trust in God’s timing.