Sleepy boy Kenan

Coworker Alena and I were very happy today when we went to Sheba hospital and saw Kenan’s lovely mother sitting in the waiting area of the surgery and catheterization room. The last time we saw her here was in June, which is more than half a year ago. We greeted her with long warm hugs and she cried when she hugged Alena. It was a emotional, beautiful moment.

We were waiting together for Kenan to come out of his needed cath. The waiting time flew by and was really nicely spent. Kenan’s mother showed us videos and pictures of her beloved son and we couldn’t believe how big he is and that he has cute teeth now. It was really lovely to spend the time with her.

After around one hour and a half, they brought Kenan out of the OR and the doctor was satisfied with the outcome of a successful cath, in which the doctors dilated his left pulmonary artery. Afterwards, they took Kenan to the ICU on the 6th floor and he was sleeping because of medicine.

I hope in the next days we will see him awake and can witness how cute he is now, not only from the picture and videos.  His mother is happy with the outcome of the cath and it looks like that’s the only treatment that Kenan needs for now. However, when he is three years old, he will need a surgery.
Praise the Lord for this good news and that we could spent the nice time with her today. Please pray for a good recovery from the cath now and that they might be discharged from the hospital soon.