Slowly improving

Lawik is slowly getting better after his emergency surgery last night. He still had a lot of bleeding, which is why they thought about getting him into another surgery. But thank God, his bleeding stopped a little and for now he won’t need the surgery. Even so he is improving little by little, he is still in a very dangerous situation, therefore even his mother stayed a long time out of his room today. The doctors don’t want us to go into his room yet as his chest is still open and he’s still on the ECMO. While sitting in the waiting area together, Lawik’s mother meet one of the other mothers whose child is in the ICU, who was in a surgery right at that time. The mother seemed really scared as she was crying when we meet her. Lawik’s mother encouraged her and stayed with her for a long time. Lawik’s mother always amazes us with her way of encouraging others and how in this kind of situation she stays strong and is there for us volunteers. She made sure that we ate something while being in the hospital the whole day and complained about us when Lena and I first said that we weren’t hungry. We are so thankful for her and how she’s a blessing to us in her own way.

Let us continue to pray for Lawik as he needs to improve further and is still in a terrible situation. We want to thank our Lord for staying by Lawik’s and his mother’s side until now and giving especially his mother the strength for everything. Maybe there will come a time where she doesn’t feel like she can be strong anymore, so let’s pray for her and the long journey they have before them.