Slowly making progress

Even though we in the Shevet community somehow get used to seeing babies in ICUs, it sometimes still breaks my heart. This little boy that I would love to take back into my arms, is lying there with an open chest and a lot of cables on him.

Over the weekend and the holidays, we heard from his mom that Lawik is struggling a lot. He had a lot of fluid in his body and also some in his lungs, his oxygen dropped once and there were also problems with his blood pressure. But the doctors were able to stabilize him, reduce the fluid and were also able to slowly reduce his medications. These are good steps for him and we are so thankful for it.

Lawik still has too much fluid in his body. Due to this, the doctors are not sure if they are able to do his next surgery yet. They want to meet tomorrow and discuss whether they will close his chest or tighten his PA band and then close the chest before he will have his big switch surgery.

His amazing mom is faithfully standing by his side, telling me that the doctors see that he is doing better. She was so happy to see us again today and proudly showed me how Lawik was moving his little hands.

Please continue to pray for our little boy! He needs our prayers so much.