Smiles and giggles


Neena was thrilled to see her friend Mustafa today! She has been moved to the secondary ICU and is doing really well! Praise the Lord! The Doctors said that she is recovering wonderfully from her Glen Procedure. They did phase one, the repair to her heart, and now it must have time to heal and adjust to the new pressures and in a couple of years she will need another surgery to repair the other part. She is progressing very well and should be able to come home in three or four days.

She was very sleepy when we arrived this morning, but when we went back in the afternoon was very thrilled to see us and enjoyed playing bubbles.

I’ve never seen any child who enjoys bubbles as much as she does! She lights up with her beautiful smile and delightful giggles. She laughs and laughs and pops the bubbles until they are all gone and then blows as if to say “more, more.”

Please join us in continuing to pray for healing for Neena and that our Father would continue to draw them unto himself.