Smiley and sweet for her CT

Little Riham had an early start this morning, for her CT scan. This was requested by the cardiologist at her echo yesterday, to look at the stenosis in her heart. She is so smiley and sweet towards us, and she didn’t cry whilst she waited even though she had been fasting since the night time. The CT scan was straightforward; we don’t know the outcome yet though, and the medical team will be in touch about the next steps.

Mum was a little tearful as she waited for Riham to come out of the CT scan, and also as we waited for Riham to wake up from the anaesthesia. Please pray that the surgery will be scheduled soon for Riham, and that the Holy Spirit will fill her, and bring her life. She is ever so tiny, surprising everyone who learns that she is 2 years old! Her fingers are long and beautiful, but so blue on the ends. She is a concern for us all, but we have faith that God will bring her full healing, and life in abundance.